Driver Coaching and Development from James Harrison.

As an ARDS qualified race instructor, James is able to offer tuition to a wide range of drivers accross the UK and Europe. As a regular instructor at Llandow, Rockingham and Donington Park, he also works privately to help anyone with their circuit driving.

For Beginners

James is happy to instruct beginners on track days in your own car, offering professional help and advice to help you get the most out of your car and time on circuit. He is able to offer advice and support at the wide range of circuits in the UK and Europe.

Over the course of his career, he has built up particularly strong contacts with the Llandow test circuit, which offers excellent amounts of track time and is perfect for learning the basics about car control and race skills. It also the has the benefit of being one of the very few circuits allowing young drivers on track, before they have gained their car race license. This offers a great solution to drivers looking to progress from karts to cars, without committing to the cost of licensing.

With support from partners at Bookatrack, James is able to provide circuit prepared Caterhams for the ultimate circuit driving challenge. Based primarily at Donington Park, the cars are available, along with the support of James, at any major UK circuit and some European venues.

For Advanced

James is able to offer extensive help and advice at a wide range of circuits in the UK and Europe, over a test day or the course of a race weekend. He can help with anything from specific racing lines down to as much detail as race starts and successful race technique.

Being fully conversant with both AIM and Race Technology data loggers and software, James can assess your driving with fine detail, helping you find those valuable tenths of a second. For vehicles without data loggers, James can offer affordable and reliable hire of AIM Solo data loggers for the duration of test days and race weekends with a data stick for you to take home for your own analysis.

Please feel free to contact James if you would like more information.